How effective is the 3M adhesive?

If you apply the adhesive to a very clean, non-porous surface, there is no way the adhesive will fail suddenly. In most cases the adhesive will fail slowly if at all, and you'll notice it in time to take action. The adhesive strip on the Original Clip™ will support significant weight. PLEASE NOTE: Catching your phone on a door frame is more of a shock test and could break the adhesive. We can produce adhesive products with no failure, but most people like to incorporate a reasonable "point-of-failure" which the 3M adhesive provides. Remember, no adhesive failure could result in a device with the back ripped off. (we know, we've done it).

How do I install compression Rivets?

A compression rivets, also known as a speedy rivet or rapid rivet, is most often utilized in clothing, luggage, handbags, and textile applications. Compression rivets can be used to join or fasten leather, nylon webbing, denim, and countless other sturdy materials. Rapid rivets come in two pieces—a stem and a cap—and are easy to install. First, punch/cut/drill a hole in each part; then, push the cap through the hole and insert the stem; place the rivet on a firm surface; finally, hit the rivet lightly with a hammer or use a rivet press tool. The impact/pressure will compress the cap and stem (hence, “compression rivet”) to secure the material.